Giveaway of 100,000 99Defi

Stacking Platform Launch Nov22nd 2021

Rules For Participating in this Giveaway!

99Defi Token Pancakswap Buy link :

Staking Platform URL: (Desktop version only)

99DEFI Token Contract address : 0x8468292f02bef940f3fb0ceda6607dad625d8c0b

Giveaway winning deatils :

Total Giveaway: 100,000 tokens 99defi

Winner 1: The participant who did stake the largest amount of 99defi will win 10,000 99defi Tokens

Winner 2 & 3:Two random participants will win 5,000 99defi Tokens for each.

Giveaway 80,000 99DEFI pool :

All the participants will share the pool of 80,000 99Defi with respect to their pool share.

All winners should qualify Rule №1:

How to calculate Giveaway Pool share?

Total Giveaway pool: 80,000 Tokens,

Assume Donald, stakes 10000 Tokens, and Platform total staking till Dec 10th, 2021 is 200,000 99Defi Tokens;

Pool share :

(Total Giveaway Pool Tokens / Platform total staking count till Dec 10th) (Multiplied by Donald’s Token count )

Pool share : ( 80,000 / 200,000 ) x 10000 = 4000 Tokens

Donal will receive a Giveaway winning of 4000 99DEFI Tokens ;

When Unstake can be done?

Unstack can be done once in 30days.

Claiming rewards have any conditions?

No conditions for claim rewards . Users can claim anytime.

What is the APR value ?

APR 200%.

Is Platform adds rewards cumulatively?

No. You have to claim the rewards and need to stake them again manually.

When does Giveaway end?

On Dec10th 2021 UTC 4 PM.

When will be the Winners and distribution date announced?

On Dec 11th, 2021 UTC 4 PM.




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