Benefits Of 99defi’s Decentralized Lending !

3 min readJul 4, 2021

Decentralisation provides security and trust by design.

Decentralisation is a method to organize anything in a way that does not require a trust or third parties. The trust is eliminated by executing code that does not require central government, management, or central servers.

With decentralization, borrowers and lenders do not need to trust 99DeFi once the smart contract is deployed to the Ethereum network. Smart contracts provide a trustless and transparent lending environment not available to the FIAT lending market.

  • Trustless

No need to trust the counter-party; removes the necessity to trust the provider and counter-party. Removing counter party or third parties is vital to avoid unfair and unwanted behavior. Operating in this trustless environment eliminates the risk associated with third parties.

  • Transparency

Subject to a trustless environment; every transaction is recorded.

Transparency brings power to the finance industry.

  • Tokenization

Tokenization unleashes the power of decentralization.

Tokenization provides opportunities for lending. 99DeFi features its own native utility token (the 99DeFi token). This token is central to the incentive structure of the 99DeFi protocol.

  • Democracy And Access To Finance

Democracy to the lending market

Blockchain-based lending removes barriers between segregated lending markets. Using the structure lenders and borrowers do not need banks to transfer loan capital. A fractional and divided global lending market becomes democratic and accessible.

Access to finance

Cryptocurrencies provide basic banking needs for the unbanked. Since banks are a general source of finance, the unbanked do not have access to finance. However, 99DeFi delivers smart crypto trading, trading assets with access to liquidity, smart lending, borrowing, and staking through AI engines that present information or make recommendations to users.


99DeFi offers a non-custodial, decentralised network where stimulus programs compete with financing, and addresses the market of cryptocurrency trading and yield-based investments, specifically the decentralised platform market.

Ease of Access To Loans

The system provides smart contracts which require collateral from the borrower while functioning as a yield engine that allows ease of access for retail investors, serves as a gateway to a decentralized finance platform, provides access to the loan market globally without intermediaries as a solution for securing loans.

Use Of Personalized Data To Build An Investment Portfolio

This decentralized lending system uses data to divide assets and investment opportunities into allocation baskets sorted by the duration of exposure and risk level. The operating system monitors and shapes the investment landscape in real-time, balances, and adjusts the basket algorithmically.


99Defi creates diversification via a basket system. This system pools the assets of users and re-allocates them in numerous asset classes with different correlation levels.

  • Users Are Able To Directly Trade Assets On 99defi

99DeFi provides decentralized lending in the crypto world without being exposed to loss of loan capital.

Wrapping It Up

99DeFi lending system will be the first cross-chain decentralised finance to yield engine and liquidity aggregation in hopes to leverage a scalable network so gas fees can be kept at a minimum and not eat into the profit of users. It will integrate to provide financial insurance service to users and protect users from market manipulation and front-running attacks.

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